Australian Bank Wire Casinos - Deposits and Withdrawals

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Are you a high roller? Then Australian bank wire casinos are a perfect match for your unquenchable appetite. Bankwire transfers are fast, safe and rarely fail. What's more, you can transfer thousands of dollars to millions with added ease.

To top it off, most Australian online casinos accept bank wire transfers, especially for high volume transactions.

Why Australian Players Should Consider Bank Wire Casinos

Bankwire transfers were in use before Venmo, PayPal, visa and other electronic money payment methods. They also provide a stable link between your account and a bank wire casino. Sure, you can make the same transactions on most modern E-money solutions, but Bankwire transfers are unique.

They secure transactions with stable networks such as Fedwire and SWIFT. Such technologies seldom fail and are virtually untraceable and hack-able.

How to Use Bank Wire Transfers in Australia

Australian gamblers need to open bank accounts before playing at bank wire casinos. Sure, this may make it impossible to transact anonymously. But it's the safest way to move huge amounts of cash without raising any alarms among Aussie banking regulators.

Here's how to go about transferring funds to an online bank wire casino;

  1. Request your bank for a SWIFT code
  2. Look for the bank wire casinos name and bank account number
  3. You may also need the physical address and postal address of the casino

You can easily make transactions online once you have such details. However, some banks may still require both you and a representative from the bank wire casino to sign a form.

Depositing Funds into Bankwire Casinos

Once you're done with the previous steps it's time to log in to your preferred Australian bank wire casino. Pick bank wire as your payment method. You'll need to reach out to the casino's customer support to get the casino's banking information.

The next step involves visiting your bank to request them to initiate the transaction. You may be asked to provide the bank wire casino's details such as their SWIFT code, address and company name.

The final step is to contact the bank wire casino's customer service rep so they can credit the funds manually into your casino account.

Getting Payouts from a Bankwire Casino

Some online bank wire casinos allow players to withdraw money using this method although it's not common. So, it's wise to contact customer support if such an option isn't on your profile.

Associated Costs and Timing bankwire casino(s)

Aussie banks have different policies regarding wire transfers. Some charge the sender a fee while others charge both the recipient and sender. It also depends on the type of transaction. It depends on how fast you want to move your money.

For instance, standard money wire transfers cost way less than express transfers. Other factors that affect the associated cost include;

  1. Current foreign currency exchange rates
  2. How fast you want to move your money
  3. What time of day you made the transaction
  4. Where the money is sent to
  5. Method of transfer i.e. chip, Swift etc.

Bankwire transfers can be costly. Fortunately, Some bank wire transfer casinos will give you the first few withdrawals free of charge. Others will only charge players of the withdrawal sums are substantial. The best thing is that bank wire transfers are quick, with standard transactions taking a few hours. For more information on fast online casino payouts in Australia, click here.