Australian Neosurf Casinos - Deposits and Withdrawals

There are countless Australian online betting sites where you can play slots, classics tables games, and deposit/withdraw using a great many payment systems. If you're curious about Neosurf casinos and whether they're worth your time, read on and we'll explain all the relevant details you need to know to make an informed choice.

Payment Options for Online Bettors

NeoSurf Casinos

Neosurf casinos are one of the many options that are available to Australians when it comes to depositing and withdrawing money. It's far from the only thing on the menu, with other popular choices including deposit and credit cards, e-wallets, and alternative pre-paid options such as Paysafecard. Cryptocurrency is another valid alternative which isn't yet as extensively available as previous financial means mentioned but is increasingly accessible. Or, if you don't care about speed at all, are moving large sums and want to have the best possible security, there's always the old fashioned bank wire.

So what is Neosurf? It's a pre-paid card or voucher that can be used online for a range of goods and services, including depositing cash at Australian online casinos. Neosurf casinos offer rapid depositing times and a high degree of security due to the nature of the payment method, which means Australians who are wary of sharing financial details online may like opting for Neosurf casinos. It's popular on the international stage too, including with players from countries such as the United Kingdom, France, and Germany.

Other Factors we Consider when Assessing Neosurf Casinos

Neosurf casinos come in a range of types, with some more reliable for Australians than others. In addition to the payment method, these are some of the criteria we keep in mind when assessing Australian Neosurf casinos.

  • Licensing Arrangement - The type of license a site has can tell you a lot, including how trustworthy the website is for Australian players. There are certain international regulators that are a reassuring sight, such as Gibraltar and Malta, or the United Kingdom, and Australians who see a casino is regulated by these territories can be pretty confident of fair treatment.
  • Range of Games - Withdrawing winnings is the ultimate goal for any Australian playing at a Neosurf casino but you want the journey to that destination to be as fun as possible. Picking a place to play that has a huge selection of slots and table games is a great way to ensure that you enjoy your playing sessions.
  • Bountiful Bonuses - Similarly, canny Australians always have their eyes peeled for the best promotions, and the top sites have generous and numerous special offers as welcome bonuses for newcomers and recurring promos for existing players.
  • Mobile Platform - The days of casinos being confined to desktops have long since passed and the vast majority of games are fully mobile compatible with a range of operating systems so that Australians can use iOS, Android, and other OS devices to play when they're out and about.
  • Excellent Customer Service - We all know that technology's great but also has a habit of randomly going wrong. Australians wary of things going awry should feel encouraged by Neosurf casinos that have a solid reputation for sound customer service that resolves difficulties fairly and swiftly.

Depositing at a Neosurf Casino

Depositing at Australian Neosurf casinos is pretty straightforward, especially as, unlike some other options, you don't even need an account with the firm to use it. For all the details, check out our nifty guide.

  • Purchase a card/voucher - Simply visit your nearest participating retailer and buy a card/voucher that you'll be able to redeem and use at Australian Neosurf casinos.
  • Signup at a Neosurf casino - If you've already signed up at your casino of choice that's cool, but if not you'll need to register ahead of making a deposit.
  • Head to the cashier section - The cashier section, also known as the payments or banking page, is the part of the Neosurf casino that Australians need to head for. Select the Neosurf casino payment option.
  • Choose your deposit size - Deposit as much money as you feel comfortable playing with. Be aware that Australians wager all sorts of funds, from pennies a time upwards, and deposit limits are low so you don't need to put in more than you want to.
  • Enter the code - The Neosurf casino will then prompt you to enter the appropriate 10 character code associated with your pre-paid card/voucher. Once entered, funds should be deposited as playing funds with immediate effect.

Making Withdrawals

This is where we get to the one major drawback for Australians interested in Neosurf casinos. It can't be used for making withdrawals. However, if you're an Australian player who really likes the idea of using Neosurf deposits you can do that, and use a secondary method for withdrawals, as we explain.

  • Check what the alternative is - Lots of online betting sites offer deposit-only options and Neosurf casinos will have a secondary withdrawal method that's used when Australian players opt to deposit in a way that cannot be used to withdraw. Commonly this will be bank transfers, but not always.
  • Make a deposit first - As part of the fight against crime betting sites like Australians to use the same method for depositing and withdrawing (when possible) and to verify ID with a small number of documents. Therefore, Australians must usually deposit prior to making a withdrawal (even when different methods are used).
  • Visit the cashier - After a deposit has been made and any requested ID verification documents checked head to the banking part of the Neosurf casino and select the correct withdrawal option. Choose how much to withdraw.
  • Enter banking details - At this stage Australians withdrawing from a Neosurf casino will have to enter banking details, assuming the bank transfer method is the withdrawal option. You will likely have to enter your full address in addition to relevant banking information (be aware that details must be correct and your name precisely the same as that registered with your bank).
  • Note transaction ID - If you receive a transaction ID number from your Australian casino then be sure to make a note of it, just in case. Transfers should take 3-5 days to be completed.

Pros and Cons of using Neosurf Casinos neosurf casino(s)

Australians who like to play slots and table games have plenty of places they can enjoy betting online with a chance to win free money instantly. Here are some drawbacks and advantages for Australians who sign up at Neosurf casinos

  • High security - One major upside for Australians is that there's very little info shared with the betting site when depositing with a Neosurf casino, which is reassuring for the anxious.
  • Fast deposits - There isn't much delay when you transfer money into an Australian gambling site, with deposits appearing in your account practically instantaneously.
  • No withdrawals - Covered at length above but worth reiterating: Australians who want a single method to deposit and withdraw may find Neosurf irksome due to the impossibility of receiving withdrawals using this system. Withdrawals can still be made from Neosurf casinos, of course, but this must occur using another means such as bank transfers.
  • No registration necessary - Unlike the majority of depositing options, Australians can avail themselves of Neosurf casinos without having to create a new account, simplifying and speeding up the process.
  • Medium availability - A bit of a halfway house rather than straight pro or con but Neosurf casinos are about medium in terms of availability, being less common as a banking option at Australian betting sites than many e-wallets, debit and credit cards, and certain other payment methods.

Frequently Asked Questions


Plenty of Australians enjoy playing a wide variety of games at online Neosurf casinos. We've covered a lot of ground already but in case you have any queries here are some answers to the most common questions Australian players have regarding Neosurf.

  • How fast are deposit times at Neosurf casinos? - The internet can always cause delays if you have a slow connection, and occasionally a Neosurf casino might be a bit tardy too, but generally Australians depositing with this system can expect to see their deposit become playing funds in minutes or moments.
  • How quickly are bank transfer withdrawals? - Australian sites all have their own processing times during which withdrawals are pending. After this, expect withdrawals to Australian bank accounts to take around 3-5 working days.
  • Do I have to pay any fees? - Neosurf casinos tend to have minimal fees, but Aussies changing currencies will have to pay a low fee of 2-3%. Pre-paid vouchers should also be used fairly promptly, as inactivity of six months or more will lead to small flat rate fees being subtracted from the value of a voucher/card.
  • What range of Neosurf casinos vouchers can be bought? - This can vary according to the Australian retailer from which you're buying them, but the upper limit will be just a couple of hundred dollars or thereabouts. Neosurf casinos, therefore, are perhaps best suited to smaller and mid-sized Australian players rather than high rollers.
  • Are Neosurf casinos secure? - Pre-paid options are a great idea for Australians who dislike sharing personal information online as no details at all beyond the 10 character code have to be entered at the cashier section, making it a very safe option.

Australians are among the most enthusiastic bettors in the world and there are plenty of upsides for Aussies thinking of playing at Neosurf casinos. When choosing where to spend your free time and money, always be careful to select not just a top payment method but a trustworthy Australian online casino.