How to Win Free Money Instantly

Online casino players might hear the concept of being able to win free money instantly and think it's too good to be true. But it isn't, you just have to know how to do it and we'll explain that, and how to withdraw winnings quickly, below.

Win Free Money Instantly - Summary

How to Win Free Money Instantly

Online casinos have never been more popular with players in Australia and countries around the world, but it's no secret that it's a challenge to finish ahead of the house consistently. That's why the idea a player can win free money instantly might seem too good to be true, but it is entirely possible to withdraw winnings without ever risking so much as a penny.

In this article we'll explain the best ways to win cash and go on to withdraw winnings, ironically transforming casino betting into one of the most financially prudent and cautious ways to try and make money, without losing any of the entertainment value of playing slots, roulette, and other games. From taking advantage of special promotions to picking the right casino, and tips to avoid problems when withdrawing winnings, we'll outline the easiest way to keep all the fun of betting online while removing any danger of finishing behind. It might sound counter-intuitive, but read on to find out how you can win free money instantly and withdraw winnings swiftly.

Different Types of No Deposit Bonus

A key part of being able to withdraw winnings without any threat of finishing in the red is taking advantage of the many and various no deposit promotions that the majority of online casinos now offer players who are signing up for the first time, as well as existing players. Here are some of the most common ways to win free money instantly using promos.

  • Free Spins - Free spins are probably the most commonly offered type of no deposit bonus, frequently paired with match deposit promotions as well as offered as a solo promo. Free spins are normally worth a modest sum, maybe $20 or so, and attached to one particular slot game.
  • Free Cash - Free cash is less frequently available than free slots but comes with vastly better versatility as it can usually be used for almost every game in a casino. Especially good for exploring new games and for new players to discover what they like while they win free money instantly, it's worth noting the wagering requirements can vary by game type (more detail on that condition below) which will affect how you play to withdraw winnings.
  • Free Play - Another way is with the free play bonus. Confusingly, this name is also given to the free mode most games offer, which entail no wagers and no profits (and, therefore, no way to withdraw winnings). Free play is essentially free cash but with a time limit of an hour or less and a much higher value. When the time ticks to zero the starting money vanishes but you get to withdraw winnings, if you finished ahead.
  • Tournaments - Many of the ways to win free money instantly are aimed specifically at new players, but a nice recurring promo for existing players is the recently created tournament bonus. This can apply to a variety of categories such as poker, blackjack, bingo, and slots, and free entry allows players to try and win real money instantly by either topping a leaderboard (in the case of slots or sometimes other games) or beating other players, such as for blackjack.
  • Referral Bonuses - A friend in need is a friend indeed, and many casinos encourage their player bases to grow by gifting referral bonuses (often free cash/spins) to players who refer a friend. When the friend signs up you get a little bonus and can try to win free money instantly.

Withdraw Winnings Quickly

If fortune favours you and you end up successful in your bid to win free money instantly there's still the question of how you choose to withdraw winnings. Most online betting establishments have a plethora of possible personal finance options, and here is how some of the broad types stack up against one another.

  • E-wallets - One of the almost universal options to withdraw winnings are e-wallets, intermediary services that offer instant deposits and are also some of the fastest ways to withdraw, with times of perhaps 24 hours or less (different according to casino).
  • Cryptocurrency - Cryptocurrency is being offered at a growing number of online casinos as a means to withdraw winnings after you win free money instantly. It might just be the single fastest option, as it can take mere moments or minutes. The downsides would be it's still less common than other financial options and you do need to set up the wallet first.
  • POLi - Specifically good for players from Australia and New Zealand, POLi is also offered at many international casinos keen for Aussie and Kiwi players to sign up. Transfer times can be as low as a few hours, depending on the casino. Other casinos will offer Neosurf, but it's usually not possible to withdraw with this method.
  • Credit and Debit Cards - The single most ubiquitous category of banking methods, credit and debit cards are available everywhere, and most people already have one. This does make them top dog for convenience to withdraw winnings, but the speed isn't the fastest, with times often around 3-5 business days.

Avoiding Problems when you Withdraw Winnings win free money instantly

It's one thing to win free money instantly, but it's another to actually have the money in your hands (or in your bank account). There are plenty of methods to withdraw winnings but with any of them, or even the best online casino, problems can occur, or delays increase the time involved.

When making use of no deposits bonuses to win free money instantly it's always a good idea to cast your eye over the terms and conditions just to ensure there's nothing nasty lurking there. Wagering requirement, time limits, and withdrawal caps are all normal (we explain how to meet these conditions below), but if the wagering requirement is excessively high, the worst being around 200x or so, this will dramatically increase the time it takes to have eligible cash to withdraw.

The first time you want to withdraw winnings you may well need to complete a token deposit first as online casinos like players to use the same method for both deposits and withdrawals. In addition to this, verification of identity is taken seriously by online betting sites and certain documents will need to be provided. Knowing this, you can scan them ahead of time so they're ready to go. A form of photo ID and proof of residency will be required, with passports or driving licences common for the former and utility bills for the latter.

If something else has delayed or stopped you from making a withdrawal then just give customer service a bell and they should be able to remedy the situation.

Promotion Restrictions and Requirements

Fast Casino Payouts

You can win free money instantly with any number of special no deposit promotions and the fact there's so many means you can afford to pick and choose which you go for. This isn't only a matter of headline figures (all else being equal, $100 of free cash is better than $30, of course) but also of the fine print. Every bonus comes with conditions attached, with time limits, wagering requirements, and withdrawal caps all altering how valuable a promo is. A bigger wagering requirement means you'll take longer to withdraw winnings, for example.

The time limit is usually no problem whatsoever but you should still check for the expiration date just to ensure you don't end up accidentally losing out because you've taken your eye off the ball. This tends to be a bigger deal for those trying to win free money instantly with a free play promo that might have a time limit of just one hour.

Withdrawal caps are upper limits on your profits, so when you withdraw winnings the amount involved will be circumscribed by this cap. It's common for one or two hundred dollars to be the threshold when you win free money instantly but promos may be more generous or stingy so check to find out for sure.

The wagering requirement is the biggest factor for most promos as it affects both how soon you can withdraw winnings and the chances of being able to make profits when you try to win real money instantly. This condition is a minimum sum that must be wagered prior to withdrawals, with 30x a good average. So, a $20 bonus might have a wagering requirement of $600. The lower this number the better as it both increases your chances of finishing ahead, and decreases the time it takes to withdraw your profits.

Picking the Right Place to Play

When trying to win free money instantly players should consider not only the financial method they want to withdraw winnings with but also the place they're playing. Trustworthy online betting sites with clear licensing from very reliable regulators (such as the United Kingdom or Malta) are greatly reassuring for players, as sites with good reputations will ensure if things go awry that they're resolved fairly. Other things to look out for is third party mediation/auditing, and fast payout times in Australia, because casino processing can vary a lot.

Getting ahead of the house isn't easy, but one of the safest ways to play is to win free money instantly courtesy of no deposit promos. There's not a shred of risk involved due to playing with bonus money throughout, and you can withdraw winnings at the drop of the hat once the conditions are fulfilled.